【Latest News】 Limited summer vacation in 2024! Midnight Safari Tour held!

It is now June, and summer vacation is finally approaching!

Picchio Shiretoko has an exciting announcement for your summer vacation.

Due to the popularity of “Shiretoko Night Safari Tour,” the most popular wildlife watching tour at Picchio Shiretoko, we have decided to offer a “Midnight Safari Tour” this summer!
Midnight Safari Tour” will be held this summer!

This tour will be held at midnight, when people are asleep, and is expected to have an even higher chance of encountering wild animals.
This is a special tour only available during the summer vacation.

“I really want to see the wildlife when I come to Shiretoko!”
“I am as nocturnal as the wildlife!”
If you are one of those people, we hope you will consider participating in this tour.

Click here for details of the Midnight Safari Tour.

We look forward to your participation.

Picchio Shiretoko

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