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Night Time Forest Snowshoe 7:30 PM Sold Out

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Drift Ice Walking 360°

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Snowshoe & Wildlife Watching

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Furepe fall Snowshoe & Wildlife Watching Sold Out Sold Out
Primeval Forest Snowshoe & Wildlife Watching Sold Out Sold Out
Eagle & Wildlife Watching Sold Out
Shiretoko Five Lakes Snowshoe Sold Out Sold Out

Drift Ice Walking 360°

Our Drift Ice Walking is a special experience tour where participants can walk on the ice during the harsh winter season, wearing special suits. Guides lead you across the jewel-like ice on the blue sea, ensuring safety along the way. Check here for the latest drift ice conditions and features specific to each timing.


Winter Tours

You may have the chance to encounter winter animals that you cannot see during the summer. From the Steller's sea eagle and white-tailed sea eagle migrating from the north, to the noiseless gliding Siberian flying squirrel, and the Ezo deer gracefully navigating through deep snow. Let's observe these animals diligently surviving the harsh winter!


Summer Tours

After enduring the long winter of Shiretoko, the wildlife begins to come alive. We offer various tours such as primeval forest trekking, Nature walks to Furepe Falls, Shiretoko Five Lakes trekking tour, and Shiretoko Night Safari, providing opportunities to encounter the wildlife in Shiretoko.