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Tour availability for 2024/6/17

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Wildlife Night Drive in Shiretoko 7:30 PM ×

Tour availability for 2024/6/18

Trekking & Wildlife Watching

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Furepe Fall Nature Walk × ×
Primeval Forest Trekking Tour ×
Shiretoko Five Lakes Trekking Tour ×
Wildlife Night Drive in Shiretoko -

Summer Tours

Shiretoko's wildlife springs into action after enduring its long winter. It's the season for Ezo deer and Red fox to give birth, while brown bears awake from hibernation. We offer a variety of tours such as Primeval Forest Trekking, Furepe Waterfall Nature Walk, Shiretoko Five Lakes Trekking Tour, and Shiretoko Night Safari, providing opportunities to witness the wonders of nature in Shiretoko.


Wildlife Night Drive in Shiretoko

The Shiretoko Night Safari Tour is particularly popular among our summer tours. It offers an exciting experience of driving through the national park at night while searching for wildlife. Spotting the glowing eyes of animals hidden in the darkness ahead can create unforgettable memories. With the highest encounter rate with wildlife among our tours, it's an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the abundant nature of Shiretoko.


Shiretoko Five Lakes Trekking Tour

One of the most popular trekking spots from spring to autumn is the Shiretoko Five Lakes, a representative scenic area of Shiretoko. Surrounded by primeval forests, you can walk along its pathways through the woods and elevated wooden walkways to visit all five mysterious lakes. Walking through the forest inhabited by numerous wildlife and plants, you can experience the majestic nature of Shiretoko up close.