Wildlife Watching Tours

To preserve and keep the precious nature of Shiretoko for our future generations, we at Picchio hope to spread the value of ‘life intersections’ through our wildlife watching tours.

Please enjoy encounters with various wildlife in Shiretoko!

  1. Primeval Forest & Stunning Views of Cliff Trekking Tour
  2. Furepe Waterfall Nature Walk
  3. Wildlife Night Drive in Shiretoko
  4. Shiretoko Five Lakes Trekking Tour
  5. Watching Salmons Swimming Upstream
  6. Autumn Wildlife Watching Tour
  7. Custom Tour for One Group Only
  8. Drift Ice Walking 360° ※Reservation has been closed
  9. Eagle and Wildlife Watching Tour ※Reservation has been closed
  10. Furepe Waterfall Snowshoe & Wildlife Watching Tour ※Reservation has been closed