Night-time Forest Snowshoe Tour

This special tour is limited to the winter season, where you walk through the forest at night using snowshoes. The snow crunches as you step on in the complete silence of a night-time forest, creating a surreal atmosphere that it is just you and nature. If the conditions permit, you can also enjoy stargazing hundreds of thousands of stars which open out above you in a pitch black sky.

Reservation for this tour

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From January 15 to March 10, 2022

19:30 pm – 9:30 pm (~2 hours).

Adults (13 years old or older) – 4,000 JPY
Children (6 to12 years old) – 3,000 JPY

*We only accept cash payment at the start of the tour.
If you are staying at any of the Kitakobishi group hotels, you can pay at the check-out.

6 years or older.

Meeting place
We will pick you up at the lobby of your accommodation. (Utoro area only)

Pick up time
We will pick you up about 20 minutes before the tour starts at your accommodation or the road station Utro Shirietoku. We may not be able to make the agreed pick-up time due to other guests’ situations.

Please book by 5:30 pm of the tour day.

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Woolen hat, neck-warmer

Waterproof jacket (or ski jacket), fleece jacket, sweater and long sleeve shirts.

Waterproof overtrousers (or ski trousers). It is strongly recommended to wear thick fabric trousers or tights underneath.

Warm winter boots

Sunglasses or goggles are useful.
Bottle of water

Free rental items
Waterproof gloves, woolen hat, rain boots(not for cold weather), ski wear (jackets and trousers).
*These items are available on a first come, first serve basis. You can reserve items in advance if necessary.

  • Please note that encounters with wildlife are not 100% guaranteed.
  • Depending on natural conditions, the end time may vary slightly. Please join our tours with time to spare.
  • There is no restroom available in the field. Please keep this in mind before starting the tour.
  • It can be -20 degree Celsius in mid-winter. Please prepare warm clothing beforehand.
  • As the field conditions can change, (please be aware that) we cannot be fully responsible for and prevent nature-caused incidents. (Please be aware of your own responsibility to protect yourself.) Also please be responsible for your own body condition. If you do not feel good, please consider cancelling the tour.
  • Please come to the agreed place on time. If you are late on the day, we might cancel you so that the other guests can go on tour.
  • Cancellation is free up to 2days before the tour. After 2days a cancellation fee of 20% of the tour cost will be charged if you cancel 2days before the tour, 50% if you cancel the day before and the full tour cost if you cancel on the day of the tour.