What is sea ice like in March?

Here at Picchio Shiretoko, we offer a “drift ice walking 360” tour that allows guests to explore the seasonal sea ice which reaches the coast of Utoro from the 1st of February.
But what is walking on sea ice like in the month of March?

In March, the wind direction changes and the ice gradually begins to drift offshore. But even though the conditions are different it’s still possible to enjoy exploring drift ice in March.
*The appearance of drift ice varies greatly depending on the time of year so please keep in mind that these descriptions are a guide line.

<Early March>
At this time, there is still plenty of sea ice spreading across the ocean. It is impressive to see the white stretching all the way to the horizon.

<Mid March>
Gaps between the ice sheets begin to open up but there is still plenty of drift ice covering the sea. Now we can enjoy both clambering on the ice and floating in the sea. In fact, jumping into the slushy water and floating among the ice floes is a unique experience that can be even more enjoyable than walking on the ice.

<Late March>
As the season comes to an end, the gaps widen and the ice is pushed away from the coast by southerly winds out into the Sea of Okhotsk. But sometimes here is still some ice in the port and it’s possible to swim among it.
The experience of floating in the sea among the remaining ice has a relaxing effect just like an open-air bath! It’s easier to see into the ocean and observe colourful starfish, sea urchins and other sea creatures. This window into the marine world is one of the best things about exploring the drift ice at this time of year.

No matter when you visit, there is something fun to experience among the seasonal sea ice of Shiretoko!
We look forward to seeing you there!
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