Drift Ice Walk in Shiretoko: Where and in which region can it be experienced?

Shiretoko Drift Ice Walk, an extraordinary activity to experience the winter wonders of Shiretoko. This article provides detailed information about the countries and regions where you can experience the “Drift Ice Walk” activity.

Which Country? ; Japan!

The country you can experience Drift Ice Walk is Japan. The essential component of this activity, the ‘drift ice,’ arrives at the northeastern coast line of Sea of Okhotsk region in Hokkaido, Japan, during the harsh winter season.

Which Area/Region: Shiretoko Peninsula, Utoro District

While the drift ice covers the entire Sea of Okhotsk, the opportunity to experience the ‘Drift Ice Walk’ which is the activity walking on the drift ice is unique to the Utoro district, Shiretoko Peninsula. The Shiretoko Peninsula, located in the eastern part of Hokkaido, is a natural treasure trove and is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is home to a wide range of wildlife, and besides the Drift Ice Walk, offers numerous other outdoor activities. The Utoro district, in particular, is situated on the western side of the Shiretoko Peninsula and is known as the southernmost point where the drift ice approaches. This region sees a high density of drift ice, creating vast ice fields from February to early March. In addition to the Drift Ice Walk, the Utoro area offers a range of winter-exclusive activities, including drift ice kayaking and snowshoe trekking.

An incredible experience awaits you in the winter wonderland of Shiretoko Peninsula. We invite you to come and visit!

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Winter’s popular activity, the Shiretoko Drift Ice Walk, is now accepting reservations! For more details, please refer here.

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