Shiretoko Goko Lakes Trekking Tour

“Shiretoko goko Lakes(Shiretoko Five Lakes)” are one of the iconic spots of Shiretoko. This tour takes you on a walk along the ground path and elevated wooden path around the five mysterious lakes surrounded by the primeval forest. While walking through the forest, where ancient trees grow undisturbed and wildlife flourishes, you will feel the closeness of the Shiretoko’s magnificent nature.
Depending on the season, we have a private (one group only) guide option for you.
Book Morning
Book Afternoon ~24th Sep.
Book Afternoon 25th Sep. ~ 31st Oct.
Book Afternoon 1st Nov. ~8th Nov.

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<Bear Active Period>
From May 10 to July 31, 2024.
<Vegetation Protected Period>
From April 20 to May 9 and from August 1 to November 8, 2024

<Bear Active Period May 10 to July 31, 2024>
Morning  8:30 am ~(appx.4h)
Afternoon 1:30 pm ~(appx.4h)

<Vegetation Protected Period April 20 to May 9 and August 1 to November 8, 2024>
Morning  8:30 am ~(appx.4h)
Afternoon 1:30 pm ~(appx.4h)
After September 25: 1:00 pm ~(appx.4h)
*Please note that the starting time may vary by about 15 minutes (earlier or later) due to the rule of use of Shiretoko Five Lakes

Adults (13 years or older) – 5,100 JPY
Children (6 to 12 years old) – 3,000 JPY

Payment options
Cash of card

6 years or older

Meeting place
We will pick you up at the lobby of your accommodation (Utoro area only).
If you are staying outside Utoro area or day tripping to Utoro, we can also pick you up at the Road Station Utoro Shirietoku.
Also you can meet us at the Shiretoko Five Lakes Field House if it is convenient for you.

Pick up time
The meeting time is different depends on the meeting place you requested.
For detailed meeting time, please confirm below.

Detailed Meeting Time

-People who chose "Your Accommodation"-

*Yuhino Ataru Ie ONSEN HOSTEL/KIKI Shiretoko Natural Resort/Shiretoko Dai-ichi Hotel/Hotel Shiretoko/
20min before the starting time of the tour

*Shiretoko Village/Shiretoko Hostel Hanare/ Bon's Home/ Shiretoko Pereke/ Kiraku / Shiretoko Lantern/ Ishiyama/ Iruka Hotel/ Shiretoko Noble Hotel/ Shyutyo no Ie/
15min before the starting time of the tour

*Kitakobushi Shiretoko Hotel& Resort
10min before the starting time of the tour

*Hotel Kifuu club Shiretoko
5min before the starting time of the tour

-People who chose "Drive Resting Area, Utoro-Shirietoku"-
15min before the starting time of the tour
We may not be able to make the agreed pick-up time due to other guests’ situations.

<Online Booking>
Please book by 2 hours before the tour starts vie the links below (24/7 reception)
Book Morning
Book Afternoon

<Telephone Booking>
Or you can book on phone call (Operation hour: 9 am to 6 pm)
*Please leave a message when we are not available due to tour operation so that we can contact you later

<May to September>
Cap or hat
<October to November>
Woolen hat

Long sleeve shirts and warm outer (fleece jacket or windproof jacket)
<June to September>
Thin fabric long sleeves
(It is recommended to wear long sleeves to prevent ticks and bug bites.)
<October to November>
Thick fabric long sleeves and warm outer (fleece jacket, sweater or down jacket).

Long trousers must be worn to prevent minor injuries and tick bites.
Skirts are not allowed.

Either of sport shoes, trekking shoes, or rubber boots
No heels are allowed.

Rain wear (Free rental available, see below), bottle of water/tea, towel and small backpack.

Free rental items
■Rain wear (jackets and trousers) Men's :M/L/XL, Women's: S/M/L
■Rubber boots (17-30 CM)
*These items are available on a first come, first serve basis. You can reserve items in advance if necessary.


  • If the supposed walking track is temporarily closed due to bear sightings, we may have to change the route we walk.
  • Please come to the agreed place on time. If you are late on the day, we might cancel you so that the other guests can go on tour.
  • Depending on natural conditions, the end time may vary slightly. Please join our tours with time to spare.
  • The tour will be conducted in case of light rain. Please prepare rain wear. If the tour is cancelled due to sever weather, we will let you know 1 hour before the supposed starting time.
  • There is no restroom available in the field. Please keep this in mind before starting the tour.
  • Cancellation is free up to 2 days before the tour. After 2 days a cancellation fee of 20 % of the tour cost will be charged if you cancel 2 days before the tour, 50 % if you cancel the day before and the full tour cost if you cancel on the day of the tour.

For more information please refer to “Frequently Asked Questions”.