Leaves turn colored!

We, Picchio, which offers natural experiences like drift ice walk in Shiretoko, will bring you the current conditions in Shiretoko

Today’s weather is expected to be partly cloudy after a clear morning, with a high of 12 degrees Celsius and a low of 10 degrees Celsius.

In Shiretoko Goko place, gradually trees are turn colored!

<Picchio Shiretoko>

Winter’s popular activity, the Shiretoko Drift Ice Walk, is now accepting reservations! For more details, please refer here.

“Picchio” is the Italian word for “woodpecker,” the name of a wild bird that inhabits forests. We believe in preserving forests and their flora and fauna for the future, with the aim of enhancing the value of these forests. As part of our efforts to make more people aware of the positive value of forests inhabited by diverse wildlife, we organize nature experiences and activities in Shiretoko, where you can enjoy encounters with exciting flora and fauna through nature tours and more.

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