2022-2023 “Drift Ice Walking 360°” tour ends.

Thank you very much for your participation in our 2023 tour “Drift Ice Walking 360°”.

The drift ice arrived in Utoro three days later than last year and the tour started on February 3.
On the first day of the tour, the ice was thin and the sea was rippling.

Since we started the tour, there has been full of excitement and fun every day, and it has been a wonderful time for us too.

After a cold February, it got warmer suddenly in early March.
The drift ice that was covering the horizon quickly disappeared after a few days of southerly winds, and in the end was gone much earlyer than we expected.

However, despite the short duration, so many guests had joined us and we had such a great time together.
It is always our pleasure to get people to know the preciousness, severity, and the beauty of the drift ice.

We hope to share this wonderful experience with you again in the next season.

Thank you very much!!