Shiretoko Drift Ice Walk;Drift ice that we are waiting is now coming to Utoro!

Yesterday, the drift ice finally arrived in the sea of Utoro!
Although it has not reached the shore yet, we could clearly see the white band floating across the sea.
The photo was taken today during the Shiretoko Five Lakes Snowshoe Tour .

In Abashiri City, the drift ice came ashore today, 19 days earlier than last year!
We are excited by the gradual approach of the drift ice.

The drift ice walking tour, starting on February 1, has been very popular and we have received many reservations for this season already.
However, there are still spaces available in March.
Check the availability of this tour from here!

<Picchio Shiretoko>

Winter’s popular activity, the Shiretoko Drift Ice Walk, is now accepting reservations! For more details, please refer here.

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